Christmas Crockery – Sophie Conran for Portmeirion

I have been on the hunt for Christmas crockery.  Something a little more special just to have out during the Christmas season.  After much deliberation I have decided to purchase a set of Sophie Conran’s Christmas side plates designed for Portmeirion which I shall be serving mince pies, cookies and many other festive treats on.  Each plate has a different pattern which is very charming.  I purchased the set of 4 but you can purchase them separately from John Lewis.

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Super Saving Alert

The whole collection appears to be in high demand with a lot of websites out of stock of some pieces but I was able to purchase my set of 4 side plates from Not only do they have stock, 20% discount off the whole range (which seems to be web wide) but they are also offering a FURTHER 15% DISCOUNT with code WIN15 (offer expires on Tuesday 18th November, 2014).  So that is a huge 35% off the collection.  Oh, plus free delivery with purchases over £50.

Portmeirion currently have a special price for a set of 4 dinner plates, side plates and mugs for £99.99 (please note this offer may be on for a limited time, therefore price may revert back to RRP £146).

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Sophie Conran for Portmeirion Christmas Pattern 12 Piece Set

The Sophie Conran for Portmeirion Christmas Pattern collection is available at

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Advent calendars

20 days until December 1st! A bit too early to be buying your Advent calendar? Certainly not! There are so many options out there, far more evolved from the heavily glittered nostalgic Manger or snowy village scenes of years gone by. Thankfully though you can still find those heart warming calendars. My mother in-law bought one for our 1 year old boy recently. It made me smile and filled me with much nostalgic joy.

You are never too old to have an Advent calendar. My dear mother bought me one every year and my husband carries on the tradition (I have a delicious Lindt one this year).

The options below are only the beginning (I hope). I shall keep on adding to them as I find them.  If there are any that you find that want to share, please let me know.  The more the merrier!

All price points are covered and there are even some lovely wooden ones reasonably priced.


Probably my favourite as I still remember the excitement of wondering what festive picture was about to be revealed as I carefully pulled back the window. The glitter always crumbled off!

Crumble Cottage Advent Calendar - Anna Dempsey £5.95
Crumble Cottage Advent Calendar – Anna Dempsey £5.95
fortnum skate
Fortnum & Mason £10
Fortnum trad 10
Fortnum & Mason £10
Liberty of London £9.95
Liberty of London £9.95
Personalised Advent calendar – Modo Creative ( £12


They have been around for a fair few years now. They are an investment but will become a wonderful family treasure that will be loved year after year.  Have fun personalising them, not necessarily filling them with confectionery but maybe little notes, jokes or pocket money treats. I think that the preparation is as exciting as the daily discovery! I feel the same way about Christmas present buying and wrapping.

Fortnum & Mason £90
john lewis 40
Scandi House Advent Calendar – John Lewis £40
m and s 45
Wooden Train Advent Calendar – Marks & Spencer £45
m and s 65
Wooden Cabin Advent Calendar – Marks & Spencer £65
the contemporary home 40
Gisela Graham red wooden Advent Calendar – The Contemporary Home £30


It is only during the Advent season that eating a chocolate shaped jingle bell before breakfast is okay!  Long gone are the days of the chalky (so called) chocolate Advent calendars.

Swiss chocolate Advent Calendar – Fortnum & Mason £30
Wooden Advent Calendar, confectionery filled – Fortnum & Mason £125
johnlewis 15
Jelly Belly Advent Calendar – John Lewis £15
lindt 549
Santa’s Bunny Sleigh – Lindt £5.49
lindt 999
Adorable Bear Advent House – Lindt £9.99
Gingerbread House - Williams Sonoma $14.95
Gingerbread House – Williams Sonoma $14.95
Organic milk & white chocolate Advent Calendar - Montezuma £9.99
Organic milk & white chocolate Advent Calendar – Montezuma £9.99

Children’s Advent Calendars

There is an amazing array of fun Advent calendars for children.  Beautifully crafted fabric calendars hold wonderful tactile surprises.  They are usually bright and add much festive colour to a room.  Fuzzy Felt and Lego are one of many favoured toy brands that make Advent calendars.  A new toy a day, what a treat!

gltc 36
Away in a Manager fabric Advent calendar – GLTC £36
johnlewis 1997
Lego City Advent Calendar – John Lewis £14.97
Fuzzy Felt Advent Calendar - Yellow Moon £14.99
Fuzzy Felt Advent Calendar – Yellow Moon £14.99

Chic Advent Calendars

Some of these blow the budget a little but they will look beautiful in situ.

peace-on-earth-advent-calendar 49
Peace on Earth Advent Calendar – Land of Nod $49
Pillow cover Advent Calendar - Potterybarn $59
Pillow cover Advent Calendar – Potterybarn $59
pb 199
Stocking Ladder Advent Calendar – Potterybarn $199
pb 159
Gilt galvenised Advent Calendar – Potterybarn $159