1st Christmas decorations purchased

Vintage Christmas decorations purchased from eBay.  Includes vintage angel made in Japan.
Vintage Christmas decorations purchased from eBay. Includes vintage angel made in Japan.

I was surfing eBay and eventually ended up searching for ‘vintage Christmas decorations’.  I was so excited and started to freely click ‘add to watch list’.  I lost out on a collection of fragile vintage Christmas decorations which I was not too heartbroken about as I have a few of those (though may purchase some later down the line) but I was in a bit of a frivolous mood.  I try to put a cap on how much I want to spend when I am in such a mood so I ended up purchasing these retro beauties for £4.20.  I am very pleased with my purchase.  They may not be to everyone’s taste but they fill me with nostalgia and will add a pop of colour to one of our Christmas trees.  Yes, tree…S…  We have moved to a slightly bigger house and I am hoping to have the traditional big tree for the living room with smaller trees in the hallway, kitchen and playroom.  Hm…  I need more Christmas decs!

Let’s start getting ready! ! !

christmas is coming-saidaonline

Summer is lovely, it really is but we are knee deep in September and I have already purchased some vintage Christmas ornaments off eBay, booked my 2 year old son’s Father Christmas visit at Harrods and looking to book our annual trip to the Spirit of Christmas.

So here we go again… let’s all enjoy and savour the festive journey 🙂


Your Christmas Table

I recently found a very old picture of our Christmas table that my darling Mother had prepared.  I had forgotten how beautiful she would set it, how festive it looked and how much the silver sparkled.  My Mother passed on earlier this year and so I find myself wanting to create a Christmas Day table that will be as warm and festive as hers.

I have been trawling through the internet for inspiration.  I like the idea of mixing and matching different looks.  There is so much inspiration out there, it’s amazing! A bit overwhelming but so inspiring.  Here are some of my favourites…

Etsy Nordic Table 4 Etsy Nordic Table 2 French_Christmas_table_in_Provence Good01 nordic-christmas-table simple-cute-little-christmas-tree-made-of-pine-cones-craft-idea-for-children-diy-table-decor-Small

masa-de-CraciunChristmas-table-decorating-country-Christmas-decorating-ideas-Christmas stunning-christmas-dining-room-decor-ideas-36

165-1 christmas-past-3-de-68919582 Scandi-table-1st-image-copy1 trees-on-table-nordic-candlestick