Your Christmas Table

I recently found a very old picture of our Christmas table that my darling Mother had prepared.  I had forgotten how beautiful she would set it, how festive it looked and how much the silver sparkled.  My Mother passed on earlier this year and so I find myself wanting to create a Christmas Day table that will be as warm and festive as hers.

I have been trawling through the internet for inspiration.  I like the idea of mixing and matching different looks.  There is so much inspiration out there, it’s amazing! A bit overwhelming but so inspiring.  Here are some of my favourites…

Etsy Nordic Table 4 Etsy Nordic Table 2 French_Christmas_table_in_Provence Good01 nordic-christmas-table simple-cute-little-christmas-tree-made-of-pine-cones-craft-idea-for-children-diy-table-decor-Small

masa-de-CraciunChristmas-table-decorating-country-Christmas-decorating-ideas-Christmas stunning-christmas-dining-room-decor-ideas-36

165-1 christmas-past-3-de-68919582 Scandi-table-1st-image-copy1 trees-on-table-nordic-candlestick